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Purchase or reserve your ticket with start time in advance online.

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Holders of a Museumkaart, VriendenLoterij VIP-KAART, Amsterdam Stadspas, I amsterdam City Card, NEMO Jaarpas, NEMO voucher or ICOM card or visitors aged between 0-3 also have to reserve a ticket with a date and start time. The validity of the card or voucher will be checked with your ticket at the museum entrance.

Admission prices for NEMO Science Museum

  • Admission for visitors aged 4 and over: € 17.50
  • Children under 4: free
  • Museumkaart: free
  • VriendenLoterij VIP-KAART: free
  • College or studentcard, European Youth Card: € 8.75
  • I amsterdam City Card: free
  • Stadspas Amsterdam: free
  • ICOM card: free
  • NEMO Jaarpas/NEMO voucher: free
  • Companion for a visitor with a disability: free
  • Companion for Autipas holder: free

Children under the age of 13 are only permitted to visit the museum if accompanied by an adult. Unsupervised children aged 13 and over can enter the museum, but they may not supervise younger children.

NEMO is upgrading in 2024

From January up to and including June 2024, NEMO is working on the new exhibition Technium. As a result, the second floor is only partially accessible during this time. The exhibition Water Power is open and the Museum Cafe will be open on the weekends.

All other floors will remain accessible and The Event Hall is home to The Makery, a workshop festival with three brand-new activities.

The Netherlands Museum Pass (Museumkaart)

You can buy a Museum Pass at the entrance to NEMO. You will be given a temporary card, which you can use immediately. Please note that you need to provide an address in the Netherlands or in one of the other European Union member states to purchase a Museum Pass.

  • Adults: €75,-
  • 18 and under: €39,-

(including €4.95 registration fee per Museum Pass)

Are you planning to buy a Museum Pass at the entrance for immediate use? Don't forget to book a Museum Pass ticket with start time in advance.

If you buy a Museum Pass online, you will not be able to use it until you have received it by post. The terms of use can be found on the Museum Pass website.

Admission prices for school visits and youth groups

If you would like to visit NEMO with a group, a reservation is required. School visits to NEMO take place outside of holidays and weekends. For more information, check the following pages:

Tour operators interested in booking a visit can contact

Admission prices The Studio

NEMO Science Museum’s Studio is an off-site location at the Marineterrein (in Amsterdam). Here, it presents a variety of programmes for adult audiences.

Currently, the Studio is closed. From 19 January 2024 you can visit the Living Looonger exhibition at the Studio. Book your tickets now.

  • Admission adults: €7.50
  • College- or studentcard, European Youth Card: €3.75
  • Museumkaart, VriendenLoterij VIP-KAART, I amsterdam City Card, Stadspas Amsterdam, ICOM card, Companion for person with a disability, Autipas holders: free

If you already have a ticket for NEMO Science Museum, you can then use that ticket to visit the Studio for free. Your visit does not need to take place on the same day. You will need to reserve a ticket with a specific start time in advance.