About NEMO

The Studio

As of the summer of 2019, NEMO offers programmes for the public at the new Studio location on the adjacent Marineterrein.

What's on?

The Studio gives you a look into the future by enabling you to experience and design it yourself. This new addition to NEMO Science Museum will serve as a laboratory intended to conceive, test and implement new exhibitions and programmes in cooperation with our partners and the public.

The set-up of the Studio is a perfect match for the innovative vibe at the Marineterrein, a place where organizations and researchers work together to find solutions to social challenges and to create a sustainable environment. 

Future Food exhibition

Future Food, NEMO’s first exhibition in the Studio, was on from 10 July to 6 October 2019. Future Food introduced visitors to what your dinnerplate will look like in the future based on three possible scenarios. Wednesday evenings featured additional programming.

A circular building

Circularity is central to the design of Studio. The offices are fully furnished with recycled items, the old emergency lighting is now used in a mosque, the modular ceilings were given a new life in offices and a school, the frames and the door have been sent to the Amsterdam University of the Arts, old gym equipment is now being used by Codam and BMA for outdoor fitness and the building boasts a 100% recyclable floor and pay-per-use lighting. 

Location: the Marineterrein

The Studio can be found in building 027A, Kattenburgerstraat 5, 1018 JA Amsterdam.