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NEMO brings the importance of science and technology to the attention of a wide audience. We present complex subjects in a fun and accessible way. This is done at the well-known NEMO Science Museum, in schools and online. In this way, we help build a smart society. We can only achieve our goals with the help of our partners.

21st century challenges

Thanks to our partners, we are able to develop new activities and programmes. Together we hope to achieve the ultimate goal: encouraging new generations to develop talents that will help them tackle the challenges of the 21st century. 

The advantages of collaboration

A partnership with NEMO means collaborating with a powerful national cultural brand. NEMO Science Museum is the fourth most popular museum (2019) and the largest science museum in the Netherlands. That’s something that our partners should be just as proud of as we are. Saying yes to a partnership with NEMO also means meeting your social objectives. 

“We are currently at the international forefront in the field of high tech. We will only stay there if we get our children excited about technology at a young age.”

André Kuipers, astronaut

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NEMO is a designated ANBI. This means that your support is tax deductible. Specific schemes apply for gifts to charitable organizations (Algemeen nut beogende instellingen, ANBIs) in terms of tax deductions for income tax and corporation tax.  Or tax exemptions regarding inheritance and gift tax and refunds for energy tax. As an ANBI, NEMO is required to provide you with information on the organization’s operations. This information is available on the ANBI website (in Dutch only).