NEMO Kennislink

NEMO Kennislink bridges the gap between scientific research and everyday life. Our editorial staff shadow researchers and write clear and accessible articles on their work. These stories appear online at but are also part of events and debates all over the country.

Insights into life and the universe

Whether the topic is the origin of language, new forms of energy and matter or the workings of the brain, science offers insights into who we are, the world around us and even the universe. Science and technology have a great impact on our lives every single day. Researchers are always looking for answers to the big questions of life and try to find solutions for social challenges. NEMO Kennislink reports on this ongoing quest for answers.

Independent editors

Kennislink’s editors work independently and have diverse scientific backgrounds. They keep a close eye on both general scientific news and their own areas of expertise and sometimes work with scientists from other fields to highlight areas where fields of research meet. Editors keep readers up to speed on major scientific developments and place the spotlight on the science behind current events. They explore topics in depth and make the information they uncover available to a wide audience. The goal is sharing new knowledge about ourselves and the world with everyone. That is why we like to say: NEMO Kennislink helps you understand more about the world around you.