Activities at NEMO

Up on the roof at NEMO

The roof of the NEMO Science Museum building is the highest city square in the Netherlands. There you can find the open-air exhibition Energetica, a large terrace and a restaurant, all with beautiful views of the city of Amsterdam.

City square with an exhibition

When NEMO architect Renzo Piano designed the roof, his aim was to create a real piazza (city square). He thought that interaction should be an important element of the piazza, with full scope for the interplay between man and the elements. There certainly is every opportunity for interaction. You can find out about the sun, wind and sustainable energy, for example, through the interactive sculptures of the Energetica open-air exhibition. The roof terrace is also the perfect place to relax for a few moments. 

From the restaurant you can look out at the Energetica exhibition with its impressive sculptures, and take in the views of the centre of Amsterdam. Visitors can enjoy the unique views indoors or outdoors all year round, while relaxing with a delicious lunch or a good cup of coffee. Enjoy the sunshine while you look out over the city and Amsterdam’s historic harbour front. Experience the energy of the elements. 

Opening times and access to the roof

The rooftop square is temporarily closed to visitors without a museum ticket. The restaurant is temporarily closed to all visitors.

There is no access to the roof in inclement weather, during special events, at New Year and on King’s Day.