Plan your visit

Safe visit

NEMO Science Museum works with visitors to ensure everyone’s safety during trips to the museum. For this purpose, NEMO is using the protocol for the safe and responsible reopening of museums and catering establishments. Due to its interactive nature, NEMO is also taking additional precautions.


  • All visitors need to purchase or reserve a ticket with a specific timeslot in advance. This way we can avoid having too many people in the museum at the same time. Click here to buy or reserve a ticket with a specific timeslot.
  • Holders of a Museumkaart, a BankGiro Lotterij VIP KAART, a Amsterdam Stadspas, a NEMO Jaarpas, a NEMO voucher or an ICOM card or visitors aged between 0-3 also have to reserve a ticket with a date and timeslot.
  • The validity of the card or voucher will be checked with your ticket at the museum entrance.
  • A ticket for children aged 0-3 can only be purchased in conjunction with an adult ticket. The supervisor will be asked to present a valid ID proving the age of the child in question at the ticket inspection.
  • No tickets will be sold at the entrance to NEMO.
  • Please choose another date for your visit if you have one or more of the following symptoms: cough, runny nose, fever over 38 degrees or shortness of breath. Do this by contacting Global Ticket via or +31 (0)20 244 0181.
  • Visit NEMO with members of your household.

Access to the museum

  • Arrive at the time indicated on your ticket and do not stay at NEMO for more than three hours.
  • If you are late, do not overstay the end time on your ticket. Together we can ensure a steady flow of traffic in the museum.
  • The queue for entering the museum is outside. Make sure there is at least 1.5 metres between you and other people, unless you live in the same household.


Cloakroom and locker capacity is limited, so please bring as little as possible. There is also no room to park prams.

In the museum

Keep your distance
Make sure there is at least 1.5 metres between you and other people, unless you live in the same household.

Follow the route
Follow the route markings on the floor. You will take one route through the museum. After leaving a floor or part of a floor, you will not be permitted to return to this area. Waiting is only permitted in the designated areas. At the end of the route you will return to the foyer and leave the museum.


  • NEMO will be cleaned extra often. This also applies to the toilets and sections of exhibitions.
  • Go to the cleaning station on each floor and sanitize your hands.
  • Touchscreen pens and cleaning cloths are available free of charge. We do not provide gloves.


  • All floors are accessible. Several exhibition sections are out of use.
  • A visit to the Laboratory will take 20 minutes. Capacity is limited. Reservations are not possible.
  • The Chain Reaction demonstration will not be held.

Food and drink

  • The catering facilities at NEMO are open.
  • Each facility will hold no more than 30 visitors at a time.
  • Everyone is assigned a seat.
  • Make sure there is at least 1.5 metres between you and other people, unless you live in the same household.
  • Reservations are not possible. The protocol does not apply to fast-service catering.
  • Visitors are not permitted to bring their own drinks and snacks. There are no seats available for this purpose.
  • You cannot pay with cash.

Up on the roof at NEMO

  • As long as corona measures apply, the rooftop square is only accessible free of charge to museum visitors. It is currently in use as a catering terrace.
  • A drink or snack is mandatory on the terrace and everyone is assigned a seat.
  • Visitors without a museum ticket will have to pay €3.50 to enter the rooftop terrace.
  • Entrance tickets for the rooftop terrace can only be purchased from the entrance halfway up the stairs on the east side of the building. The rooftop terrace is not accessible via the lift.
  • Hand in your entrance ticket for the rooftop terrace at the bar to get a free beverage of your choice (coffee, tea, soda, beer or wine).
  • Reservations are not possible.
  • Make sure there is at least 1.5 metres between you and other people, unless you live in the same household.
  • There is no water in the cascade.


  • The NEMO shop is only open to visitors with a ticket to the museum.
  • You can visit the shop at the end of your visit to the museum.
  • No more than two visitors per household will be allowed in the shop at the same time.
  • What if you don’t have a museum ticket but you do want to buy something from the NEMO shop? Then order online via de web shop.

Group trip

Schools and other groups will not be allowed in until at least 1 September 2020. As soon as NEMO is able to receive groups again, we will publish this information on the website.


  • The measures that are in place do not affect the facilities or access to the museum. In accordance with the guidelines, people with a physical disability are allowed to visit the museum with a supervisor who is or is not a member of their household. For specific questions, please contact us.
  • The rooftop terrace is only accessible for wheelchair visitors or visitors with a pram as part of a visit to the museum. From the quay, the rooftop terrace can only be accessed by a staircase.