Plan your visit

Food and drink

At NEMO, you can easily fill an entire day with scientific discoveries, so after a while you’ll need to stop and refuel. Our coffee bar and our spectacular roof terrace are the perfect places for a drink and a bite to eat.


Up on the roof you’ll find our new restaurant designed by the renowned architect Renzo Piano. Enjoy a glass of homemade lemonade or a delectable sandwich in the spacious, glass lounge. With panoramic vistas.

Coffee bar

The Coffee bar is located just beyond the ticket inspection point. Here you can wind down after your journey and find out about everything that NEMO has to offer. Enjoy a delicious cup of tea or coffee, with a cake, while you’re at it


The cafe is located at the heart of the museum, on the second floor. It’s a good spot to take a short break and enjoy a drink or a sandwich. With your batteries recharged, you can then continue on your voyage of discovery through NEMO.

Bringing your own lunch

Would you prefer to bring your own lunch to NEMO? No problem. But we would prefer you not to eat or drink while you are in the exhibitions. That’s why we have created a number of places in the museum where you can tuck into your packed lunch. Their exact location can change, depending on how busy the museum is at the time. Our employees will be happy to show you where to go.