Festival of Curiosity

This year, NEMO is celebrating its 100th anniversary. And when it’s your birthday, you give others a treat. This means you can visit NEMO Science Museum free of charge on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December.


NEMO is open from 10.00 to 17.30 on both days. All weekend you can enjoy activities that will incite your curiosity even more; from surprising workshops, to demonstrations and other activities. Discover the full programme below. Please note: various shows and demonstrations are in Dutch. 

Klokhuis Vragendag - Vraag-Maar-Raak-Show - foto van DigiDaan

Ask Away Show

Have you been wondering about something scientific or technical for a while? Go ahead and ask your question live on this show. Five scientists will attempt to answer all kinds of questions on the spot using experiments and demonstrations in a race against the clock.

Kinderen bij een balie in het museum

Ask Away Desk

Did you come up with a curious question during your visit to NEMO? Come to the Ask Away Desk, where scientists will be ready all day to answer as many spontaneous questions as possible.

Dansende vrouw

Silent Disco

No party without a dance floor! Put your headphones on, hit the dance floor and dance away to the best beats at the Maker Space at NEMO.

Science Live - Meivakantie 2017 - foto van DigiDaan

Who is smarter, humans or computers?

Will smart computers take over the world? Or are humans smarter after all? Take part in this study into ChatGPT conducted by Claire Stevenson of the University of Amsterdam.

Kinderen die mee doen aan een quiz

What do yóu think? Quiz

Are you a know-it-all? Do you think you know better than your brother/father/friend? Take part in this interactive quiz and test your knowledge!

NEMO Science Tour bij NEMO - Foto DigiDaan (2).jpg

Science Tour

After crossing the country for 100 days, the Science Tour has arrived at NEMO. How does an airplane stay in the air? Why does the sound a car makes change when it passes you by? How do you launch a rocket using a bicycle pump? Find out in the surprising and interactive demonstration.

Kettingreactie 2021 Foto DigiDaan.jpg

Chain Reaction

Rolling office chair, popping balloons and toppling dominoes. Welcome to the world of potential energy and kinetic energy. Chain Reaction is a spectacular demonstration of action/reaction and cause/effect. 

Laat een lampje branden workshop

Make the lamp light up

Of course you can also get to work yourself this weekend at NEMO. During this workshop you will experiment with creating your own electrical circuit. Discover which sources of power there are and how you can use them to turn something on. Can you make the lamp light up?

Kinderen in het lab van NEMO

Hands-on chemistry

Lab coat? Check! Safety glasses? Check! It’s time to get to work! In the NEMO Laboratory you can become a scientist yourself - for a little while at least. Use everyday objects to do extraordinary experiments and tests. Want to do an experiment? If you’re aged six or over, welcome to our Laboratory.


Build a sorting machine

Have you ever noticed that the tomatoes you see in the supermarket are almost all the same size? This is because they have been sorted according to their size by a machine. In this workshop you will think up and make a machine that sorts three balls of different sizes!

Ruimteschip Aarde - foto van DigiDaan - NEMO Science Museum

Spaceship Earth

Find out what satellites are, and how you can use them to do research. In the Spaceship Earth demonstration you will discover how everything on earth is connected through satellite data. Follow a whale from space, see where you can find carbon dioxide in the air, and discover how clouds form.