Teen Facts

Part of the Humania exhibition floor

Puberty is a hectic and confusing time of life. There’s a very good reason for this: not only is the adolescent body changing dramatically, but there is also a storm raging in the adolescent mind. This development of the various regions of the brain does not go unnoticed. In Teen Facts you can find answers, explanations and facts about this turbulent but fascinating stage in your life. The exhibition is fun and practical, whether you are in the middle of puberty yourself or experiencing it up close.


Let’s talk about sex: peepshow

Suddenly it’s part of your life: sex. Whether you giggle about it, brag about it or whisper about it, sex is a topic that obsesses teenagers more than any other. It’s perfectly natural because it has everything to do with taking the final step towards becoming an adult. There are always things you want to know but don’t dare to ask. At this peepshow, you can learn a lot about sex and sexuality without prying eyes or people who think they know better. 

Express yourself

Living dangerously, pushing things to the limit: brain scan research among this age group shows that it’s all because the brain is growing during puberty. This may account for typical teenage behaviour like risk-taking and experimenting. It’s a phase when we discover the world all over again, and especially our own identity in relation to the world around us. Explore your own identity in the Dance Machine and find discover your limits by playing Electro Roulette.