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What are translation earpieces?

iStockphoto/ Getty Images, Londen

Using your computer to translate a page of text – there’s nothing new about that. This could be from French to Dutch or from Dutch to German, for example. If you’ve googled a particular topic and found a document written in English, all you have to do is indicate that you want to read the text in Dutch, and Google will translate it for you. And if you don’t feel like reading yourself, the computer will do it for you. It is even possible to choose a particular voice, but you do need a special program for that.

Earpieces that translate
Now, there are also ‘translation earpieces’. This is how you use them: imagine that you want to phone a girl you met on holiday in Spain, but you don’t speak the same language. In that case, you could use translation earpieces. You just speak into your phone, which then recognizes the language you are speaking and translates the message from Dutch into Spanish. Your Spanish friend then hears what you’ve just said through her earpieces. She can then reply in Spanish, and your earpieces will immediately translate her words into Dutch, so you can chat away to your heart’s content.