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How can you hug someone on the other side of the world?


Imagine that you want to hug your father, mother, brother, sister, or someone else you love. But that person is in some faraway country. On holiday, for work, or because they live there. This special, digital hugging shirt can help you!

What do you need?
Two hugging shirts, two smartphones equipped with Bluetooth, and a special hugging app. The hugging shirts are covered in sensors that detect touch, heartbeat and warmth. These send signals to your smartphone, via Bluetooth. The hugging app sends these signals to the other person.

A hug back
The other person also has a hugging app on their phone, and a T-shirt with the same type of sensors. When it receives the signals, the shirt moves in a way that feels like a real hug. This means your loved one feels your hug and, of course, they can send one back to you.