Journey through the Mind

Part of the Humania exhibition floor

The latest scanning technology means doctors don’t need to operate to study your brain in action. This enables us to learn more and more about the brain: our most mysterious organ, which some believe is the key to who we are. The exhibition features information, tests, experiments and brainteasers to help you understand what’s going on inside your head.


The playful mind

Is the world around us all that it seems? The brain plays a vital part in everything we see. In fact we don’t really see with our eyes at all. It’s the brain that interprets and processes visual information. In the process, it often draws hasty conclusions and fills in missing pieces of information. This gives rise to illusions, ambiguous images and brainteasers. Try them for yourself and you’ll discover that you can’t always believe your own eyes. 

Emotion Grabber

Facial expressions can be analysed and converted into a computer game, thanks to software developed by the University of Amsterdam. This software has been used to create a special version of the classic video game Pong, in which the players move their paddle by changing their facial expression. 

Let’s face it

Smiling, crying, frowning or staring with eyes open wide: these are all ways in which our faces convey our feelings or intentions. We all express our feelings in more or less the same way. Cultural differences seem to fade into the background when emotions are at work. Combine three parts of a face to depict an emotion.