Maker Space

On the second floor in NEMO Science Museum, you will find the Maker Space. Here, the central focus is people as creators. You can get started as an inventor in a workshop or view the special objects around the theme: wanting to see more.



Vision, light and technology have played an important role in the development of human life on Earth. By being able to see more and more, people learned more about our bodies, the world and the universe. In the showcases around the Maker Space you will find objects from our heritage collection that have everything to do with 'seeing'.

Get started

You don't need snow to go sledging. But how do you make a sledge go as fast as possible? Should it be heavy or light? And what kind of surface do you need? Try out different materials, build a prototype and test your sledge on the big test track.

This activity has been developed in the context of a European collaboration with several Science Centers: Tinkering EU.

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